The Long Way Home

I came across this flash fiction writing challenge (thanks to Millie Thom) hosted by Flash Fiction for Aspiring Writers and thought I’d give it a try. The challenge is to write a short piece of fiction (100-150 words) based on the photo prompt provided. Here’s the little story I came up with:

Photo credit: Etol Bagam
Photo credit: Etol Bagam

The Dior heels had begun to pinch her icy toes. In agony, she teetered on, flashes of the previous evening blasting through her mind.

I should’ve just left. I was all ready to go. Why am I so easily swayed? But he’d offered to pay for my drink, and then my entire bill! How often does that happen?

The rain had stopped minutes earlier. With numb fingers, she clutched the umbrella closer to her body. Emerging from the dark woods, the path led her through a neighbourhood of bungalows, colourfully lit up for the season. A dog barked into the pale light of dawn. Oblivious, she hurried her step toward home.


  1. Nicely done! You made we want to keep going, I wanted to know why she was coming out of the woods, did he live somewhere close and the night ended poorly and it’s the walk of shame or did she get raped and dumped…..If this was a book you would have sucked me in.

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  2. Totally intriguing, Tracey. As others above, I’m wanting to know more…particularly why she was coming out of those dark woods. I’m really glad you decided to try this challenge. It’s a great one to do. Unfortunately, I’m cutting down at the moment so I can get on with my own writing for a while. But I’ll definitely be back before long. 🙂

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    1. I have you to thank, Millie, for introducing me to the challenge. 🙂

      Thanks for reading and for the comments! I’m working on turning it into a longer piece–we’ll see.

      All the best with your writing–sounds exciting!

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