Take Time to Feel the Mosses

Happy Tuesday! (if it’s not Tuesday, then “Happy belated Tuesday!”)

It’s been a relatively happy one so far, and I can’t see much changing between now and bedtime.

“Happy” may be an exaggeration, but the day has certainly been pleasant enough.

Spent most of it trying to come up with an outline for a 25-page paper I have to write. I did the same thing most of yesterday. I should be finished sometime tomorrow–the outline that is, there’s still the 25 pages to write. Doing my masters is crazy challenging and I often find myself asking, “what the hell are you doing this for?” I liken it to being dropped out of helicopter into the middle of the Russian taiga and then having to find my way out a without map or compass.

Maybe that’s a bit extreme. I’d have a compass. Do people still even use compasses?

Anyway, I am learning and I actually feel smarter, and tired-er. I can’t imagine doing this with kids and a job. I realize there are people who manage all kinds of things while raising children and working fulltime, I’m just not one of them.

Switching gears from mind-boggling studying to light-hearted blog writing also posed a challenge for me today. To ease this shifting, I put on my trail runners and headed into the woods. It worked! While running, the ideas were flowing. All kinds of them! I mentally wrote it all down. In fact, I did so much mental writing that I don’t remember much of the run. Except for the mosses, I remember the mosses, fondly.

I like to stroke the mosses, like I would a dog. They remind me of the standard poodle I used to have. I particularly like the mosses that grow on old growth red cedars; some are silky smooth like a freshly clipped poodle’s coat, others are wild and wiry like a poodle’s ‘time-to-go-to-the-groomers’ woolly hair. I can’t help but touch them all.


I love how the forest brings back memories of my poodle, Jake.


Excited to get home and write down all the great stuff that had been running through my mind, I hurried, dawdling here and there to feel more mosses, but basically I hurried. Back at the cabin, I took a quick shower and plunked myself in front of my computer. I then decided I was hungry. So, I cooked some eggs, ate, and sat down again. I then realized the fire was almost out, so I went outside and chopped some small pieces to feed the stove. I then made some tea, but decided I’d rather have whiskey as it seemed the more writerly choice. Finally, I took my seat at my desk.

Only to realize I could no longer think of anything to write.

So, I suppose, my inspiration for this Tuesday comes from having little inspiration other than the inspiration that comes from the commitment I’ve made to find the art of each and every Tuesday. This is my eighth Tuesday. I’m aiming for a year of Tuesdays. Then perhaps I’ll shake things up a little and switch to Wednesdays.


  1. I actually DID use a compass on my travels in Asia… but not where I thought I would. Discombobulated and lost in Hanoi with road signs I couldn’t possibly decipher and roads akimbo I came upon a lake. Pulled out my tourist map and found a wee lake I assumed was this one, guessed my direction home, laid down the compass and realized my sense of direction was a good 100 degrees off. Thank god for that compass and that it wasn’t some electronic junk that would’ve died just when i needed it most. Compasses are cool!


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