An Artless Tuesday


The art of this Tuesday lies buried on the anti-histamine battlefield of Wednesday.

All this fine weather has a downside: all that fine pollen.

My immune system, in its quixotic effort to save me from all those innocuous airborne particles, is waging a histamine war: a three-way battle and tactical nightmare.

Three-way wars are rare if they occur at all; a side must be taken in battle. And so, after trudging two days through the haze of allergy-pill aftermath, I concede to nature’s rebirth by less than gallantly laying down my anti-histamine armour and surrendering to the sofa.


  1. hope the sofa is comfy… been home a week, -33 this fine morn! but sunny… missing the green leaves and yellow daffs!! groovin to some Motown tunes…….

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